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We offer our guidance to numerous of our users who are looking for a ray of hope so as to guide them ahead in life, however seeing the abundant options in the market, it is but natural to get confused in the same. So fret not now, as we are the answer for all your apprehensions.

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After self analysis, reviews from people who have already experienced the richness of this science and its effects in their life, we list the most reputed, accurate, practical and well established Astrology services for our users. We list them as per their location, charges, specialties and much more, making our users aware of all the most reliable names in their city.

Verification of Legal Documents & Adherence to Dealkare Service-level Agreement & Process is a must!

Customer Friendly Approach & Service Orientedness. Transparency, Honesty & Honouring the quoted price without deviation.

Offer our services with sole purpose of presenting the most genuine Astrological services, thereby preventing our users to fall in the trap of negative and money making ventures.

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2017-03-23 19:03:49.0
Sanjeev Sharma - Astrologer

Sanjeev Sharma

Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

I found him via the internet, it was the great experience with him. He is a great astrologer, advise me about my issue and suggest me perfect life structure. Perfect Vastu consultant, guide me proper life structure. Really, he has great knowledge and long experience.

2017-03-23 19:00:28.0
Pradeep Kumar - Astrologer

Pradeep Kumar

Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

It was my first meeting with him and it was very comfortable and excellent. He was able to understand everything very well and advise properly. Frequently I share everything and he resolves everything with full patience. I am really pleased with him and his positive attitude.

2017-03-23 18:57:13.0
Shyamsundar Ji - Astrologer

Shyamsundar Ji

Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

It was a great experience with the Astrologer, he has great knowledge of his subject. He listens to everything properly and advises me accordingly and suggestion was excellent. I feel better after that everything going fine. I am really happy with him.

2017-03-23 18:51:50.0
Rahul - Astrologer


Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

Excellent and talented astrologer and Vastu consultant. He has great knowledge in Vastu Sastra and proper guidelines for everyone. My experience is great with him. He is not only an astrologer, one of the great supportive person. He advises properly about the life and future guidelines.

2017-03-04 18:09:41.0
Naveen Sharma - Astrologer

Naveen Sharma

Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

Amazing is the word for her. She is patient and makes you feel comfortable as if you are discussing with some friends. Her predictions are accurate. If u want to find the correct path to your life contact divine healing

2017-03-04 18:07:09.0
Anju Puri - Astrologer

Anju Puri

Used [Astrologer] - Astrologer

Sourabh ji is not only a astrologer but a good life coach. he has consulted me in very good way and he suggested simple remedies for my problems which are in my reach. thanks for providing all the positive guidance towards my life and career.